The Sea dominates much of my work. I have always had an extraordinarily strong connection to the sea. Swimming and being by the sea are essential for me. 

Painting is my passion. I love using paint and colour to create my responses to the places I live in and love. 


The physical act of painting is both exciting and demanding. A combination of inspiration and intuition allow me to make real the world I perceive. 

The act of painting is a mystery, no fool-proof methods – What makes a painting good in my opinion, is its “essence”. 


Every bit of life is captured in my work. Every bit of life I have. 

Creating is first inspiration then perspiration combined with divine intervention. 


My paintings are part of the mystery of life.? I make them because I feel compelled to. I make them in a way that only I can,?my way. 

They are part of the bigger picture of life – an endless canvas where we all work and toil to bring to life our dreams, our hopes, our realities. The mystery of life is the endless search for meaning. 

Painting Process

Oil paint is an intoxicating medium to work with – I feel it leaves all other mediums for dead!? The smell, texture and feel of it are fabulous!? Sometimes it needs to be controlled and managed and manipulated, other times it needs to be let loose and do its own thing.? I have learned to let it control me sometimes rather than me control it.?Some of my paintings are loud and other times they are quiet. The act of making them is hard to define; I have no fool-proof formula.?I just know what works for me. I paint in an intuitive way; I work until it feels right to leave it be and let the work exist by itself. 


I have always painted things that inspire me in a visual or emotional sense. 

  • Landscape and the sea are important to me and I delight in living in West Cork.  
  • Boats became important to me when I was living near Kinsale for a while, I used to stare at them and wonder how I could convey how happy they made me feel. I started painting them as “blobs of colour”.  My “blobs of colour” seem to have a universal appeal and have been bought by customers all over the world. 
  • Still Life /Flowers. 
  • I love colour and flowers of any kind inspire me. 
  • Abstract Paintings. 
  • Since April 2020 I have been painting a series called PATTERNS of JOY. 

These are completely abstract; in these new paintings I try to enjoy the whole process of using paint and colour purely for their own sake. I feel completely liberated by this. They have a life of their own and I am following where these Patterns of Joy will take me. 


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  1. Hi Deidre,
    Here’s my email address-
    Thanks for your cheer me up photos you sent me on insta.-they did the trick and it’s sunny today.

    Let me know your bank details.
    My address again is 6/18 railway crescent Hampton Victoria Australia 3188
    Kattina Bowell

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